Arduino doesn`t work without USB Cable


I`m newbie on this website. I bought Chinese WAVGAT Arduino 1 month ago. I had Problems with compiling, then I found a solution (downloaded files) for this Firm:
Here is the GIT: Drivers for WAVGAT UNO
So Arduino has errors but still compiles and works perfectly ONLY using USB Cable!

I want to connect External Power supply , because it`s not always comfortable to use Printer Cable right (for arduino).
I tried 5v , 9v and Even 12v Wall Plug Power supplies but it Lights ON and L Constantly :confused:
When Pressing the Reset button, L LED is dimmed

I think the problem is with Board , because in my Previous project I`m using 5v 2A Power Supply for different, but also Chinese Arduino (DCduino).
Does anybody have a solution for this? :confused:

Attaching some Screenshots:

The forum is littered with WAVGAT board issues.
They should be avoided where possible.

However if you use the search option for WAVGAT I am sure you will find some answers that may cover your issue.

It is also advised to remove anything else connected to the board in case external components cause issues.
Additionally you might want to include your sketch in case it is an issue with that…please use code tags ( <//> )

Reading the sticky posts at the top of forum sections is also highly advised.

5 V power supply to the barrel jack won't work properly because there is a voltage regulator connected to the barrel jack which is intended to reduce the input voltage to 5 V. Voltage regulators have a dropout voltage, which means that they will always reduce the voltage by a certain minimum amount, even if that reduction takes the output voltage below the intended level. So if the dropout voltage of the voltage regulator is 1.5 V and you are supplying 5 V to the barrel jack, then you only end up powering the board at 3.5 V, when the intended voltage was 5 V. For this reason, you would want to connect a minimum of 7 V power supply to the barrel jack. It is possible to power the board directly with 5 V, but you can't do that through the barrel jack.