Arduino doesn't feel like being programmed.


I’ve been playing with my arduino for a while and suddenly, while i try to upload a sketch, it just doesn’t program. I’ve tried it again…and again…and again and also re-programmed the bootloader but still no luck. When i try to upload something using the Arduino IDE the RX light flashes about three times and the TX light doesnt light up at all. I’ve tried removing the chip and shorting the TX and RX lines and i get everything i send back into the serial monitor so no problem there. The chip itself is fine too, i can just re-program it using Avr Studio without a problem.

I have no idea whats wrong :(.

I would test the connections from the FTDI chip to the AVR, specifically, the RX and TX pins, and maybe the DTR -> RESET connection.

It does sound weird though.

I'll check them.

And i think it has nothing to do with the FTDI chip since i can send commands to it, and if i short TX and RX (without the ATMega) i get everything that i send back.

Also, the chip heats up.

Which chip? The FTDI chip or the ATMega chip?

The ATMega. And nope, it isn't reverse voltaged or anything because i can still program it using AVR Studio

If the Atmega is heating up with nothing connected to the Arduino board, its an indication that something is seriously amiss. The heat output of the Atmega processor is a few tens of milliwatts under normal circumstances , which isn't enough to have a noticeable effect on its temperature. If you have external circuitry pulling more power than it should be through the chip, it might be a different matter.

I have nothing connected.

Assuming its a Duemilanove or earlier, I'd replace the Atmega (get one with a bootloader or burn it yourself) after checking the board for short circuits.........

Reburn the bootloader and try again, maybe that will work, maybe the rx and tx are being bridged, thats why you can upload from avr studio, what surface are you uploading from?

I'll try to get a new ATMega 328 and burn the bootloader myself. And the TX and RX pins aren't bridged, i would see both leds flash if it was.

Looks like: Ability to upload sketches using an in-system programmer (ISP) from the IDE (issue #260). Will make it possible for my to upload sketches to my arduino again.

What boot loader are you applying to the chip? Ladyada's or Arduino original?

The default bootloader.