Arduino doesn't get recognized by code, RX Light blinking red

Hi, I just started learning how to use Arduino and I'm a complete beginner at it. My Arduino Uno Wifi doesn't get recognized by the computer, RX Light blinking red nonstop while the TX Light is just red, but the LED is green like usual. Even if after clicking on the reset button the L light blinks red for a short time, then repeats the endless cycle mentioned above . I have tried methods, researching on the Internet and I could only see mostly about troubleshooting when both RX and TX is blinking and its purposes, ... I'm not sure if the Arduino still works properly, I even tried to reinstall the drivers for it, but no effect. I suspected that the Arduino got fried, but still I doubted that because the LED is green as usual, and there are no burning odor coming out ot it.

Is there any ideas on what's going on in it?

I think you are correct but not because the lack of smell. You may have overloaded the serial port. Try to upload the blink sketch and see if it clears up. You may have to cycle the reset button several times while trying to upload the code. Sometimes this takes a while. If this solves your problem Put at least a 3 second delay in setup() before printing anything else. Then the next time you flood the port the loader can gain control before being flooded with bad data.

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