Arduino doesnt react

Hi there,

I have an FDRobot DFRduino UNO v3.0

Something is wrong with my board i guess. When i upload the 'blink' program it doesn't seem to function. When i connect my board to the usb the following happens:

  • The ON led is illuminated and the L led flashed 2 times

  • The L led is out again, and then i can slowly see the L led illuminating to full capacatity (and sometimes in idle goes slowly and slowly on again)

(i can upload programs via IDE without error messages)

The reset button has the same effect as reconnecting the board to USB. Where can i start to fix this?

Not good signs. If there are 2 blinks (1 blink missing, right?) something wrong with the bootloader. You can try to replace the bootloader but worse thing seems to me the behaviour of L after. It is probably oscillation/noise on appropriate pin. Genuine UNO R3 has OA on the pin 13 which drives the L. If the pin is in tri-state, the OA has no connected input which can cause similar behaviour of L.
So the question is:

  1. Is the bootloader OK? Why after 2 flashes it ends, crashed? Can be replaced relatively easily but some ISP programmer is needed or another Arduino.
  2. Is there something else, HW problem?
    I'm recommendig to start with the bootloader replacing. You can download actual state of flash and fuses for further problem investigation but I think, it is too advanced for you now and probably the easiest way is to replace the bootloader.

Hello jvliek,

where you able to solve the problem? I know a guy who was just pushing the wrong button in the compiler. over and over again. Instead of uploading the code, he was just verifying it.

hope it helps!

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