Arduino doesn't take serial gps data when mounted on bread bord

Hi, My project is basically a gps data logger which takes serial gps data to the arduino using Digital pin 2, and everything works fine on arduino uno board, but when I mounted every thing on bread board the Atmega 328 chip doesn't take gps signals from gps. (I connected the gps using the pin 4 of ATmega 328 which is the Digital pin 2 of arduino.)

I can say that there is no problem with the bread board setup because it can display the time of connected rtc using the display.

I should be thankful to anybody who can give me some solution or any idea to workout this issue.


What you want is pins 2 and 3 from the atmega328 which are digital 0 (RX) and digital 1 (TX) within the arduino pinout. That is if you are using hardware serial.

Thanks, but I'm using software serial not hard ware ( digital pin 2 as soft serial Rx, and digital pin 3 as soft serial Tx.)