arduino doesn't work that stepper motor is connected SMPS

Arduino was damaged by receiving 12v voltage

I connected 5 step motors and smps to Arduino in order to give 12v to the step motor,
but it was broken by smoke in Arduino.
Please let me know if you have a solution.

Motor Electrical Specification:
Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
Step Angle: 1.8 deg.
Holding Torque: (
Rated Current/phase: 1.7A
Phase Resistance: 1.5Ohm±10%
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ¸ Min, 500VDC
Insulation Strength: 500VAC for one minute

a) Capture the escaped smoke and put it back. b) Buy a new Arduino.


So you see, you have received exactly as much information as you have provided.

You have two options.

  • Give up and go back to knitting.
  • Sit down at your keyboard, read the forum instructions, explain how you connected the 12 V power supply ground to the Arduino ground, how you powered the Arduino, what those stepper drivers are (Web-link please) and usable photos of the whole assembly. This is to verify that how you actually connected it matches your proposed schematic.
    Unless you are a professional photographer, are equipped and know what you are doing, do not attempt to take photos inside. Take your parts outside in full daylight but not direct sun.
    Use a real camera able to focus in detail and if it has no "macro" function, keep at least half a metre away and use the (genuine) zoom.