Arduino dosent want to work anýmore..Please can anyone help im really on a rush

Hey . Please can anyone help im really on a rush
I just bought adruino uno for a finger print project so first i tested the arduino by using a code of blinking and it worked so i moved to try the finger print sensor the first probleme i got is that my computer dosent detecte the sensor after that but after like 1 min the arduino port (com4) gone and the word port in the software become gray so from that moment my computer disable know my arduino when i plugged in the orange and green light on but it dosent poped up in my computer or in the software . I changed the computer and still same prob . so the question is that my arduino still working ?PS.its new Ijust use it for like 1 hour and i had the probleme. And how to fix it ? Please

Does it start working again if you disconnect the fingerprint sensor from the Arduino?