Arduino Driver problem - even updating firmware with flip isn't possible

Hey guys,

I have some problems with my arduino uno r3. It worked without problems.

After using it with an ethernet shield the arduino L-Led is blinking constantly without uploading a new sketch. Also it's not possible to upload any sketches to it. In Device-Manager on Windows it is only recognized as unknow device and when I force a Driver-Update with the Uno Driver it says error-code 10 (Can't start device).

After that I tryed to update the firmware with Flip but it says that it can't write to usb.

Any ideas?

code 10 error come while you have driver issue, you should upload driver file. i have attached driver file for reference install driver manually from device manager.

Always keep in mind if you using sheild with arduino . try to upload code first & then plug sheild.I used to get more problem when they connected & uploaded code. Sometime it also crash bootloader. (1.19 MB)