Arduino driver problems

I was trying to help my friend with windows 8 install the driver for the Arduino Uno R3 and (of course) it couldnt. I have one of my own and are familiar with the problem but was stumped here. When we looked at all the devices the arduino was not there. I know that the arduino might also be called unknown device but we could not find that either. Is there some secret section that it's under or something we can do to get the computer to recognize the Arduino. and btw the USB ports are perfectly functional on his computer.

Thank you for your help.

To understand your problem We need following info

When you connected the Arduino board is there any sound for detecting board??
If yes ; Then board might be detecting you need to share screen shot of the Port in device manager

If not; i recommended either change cable ; or update the USB2.0 driver version for your Motherboard.

Requested t0 share screen shot .

By seeing your problem statement problem might be in cable