Arduino driver?

I just reinstalled the Arduino IDE to the latest version. I was able to successfully compile a project, but the upload failed.

I program devices, in this case a ESP8266 generic module, via a USB cable onto which I have soldered a 'connector' that is inserted into the board. I strongly suspect that the cable is okay.

Based on my looking around, it seems that there should be an Arduino device in my Windows 7 device manager.. Yet, when I looked through the device manager, in detail, I was unable to find anything Arduino. The various documents I found for installing the driver all start with finding the Arduino device in the device manager. Since I have not found it, what should I try?

An "ESP8266 generic module" will never be identified as "Arduino" in the Windows Device Manager.

If you don't have the driver installed, then you will see a new device appear under the "Other devices" section of the Windows Device Manager device tree when you plug the ESP8266 module in to your computer.

The ESP8266 beginner's guide may help.

That's not always the case, not even for a real Arduino Nano.

What you will see in device manager depends on the chip that provides the USB functionality.

Original Unos and Megas e.g. use the 16U2 which is a microcontroller that is programmed to identify the board as Uno or Mega. Clone boards often use a standard TTL-to-USB converter (most commonly used are CH340 or FT232 or CP2102) and the board will be identified by the OS based on that.

Your ESP8266 also uses one of those and hence you will not see Arduino in Windows device manager.

Note: the fact that you can program the ESP8266 with the IDE does not make the ESP8266 an Arduino.

You should be able to find your device in Device Manager, under Ports, as COM1, COM2, etc. If you cannot see your ESP8266 there, then you might not have the necessary drivers installed.

Download Drivers Here: nodemcu-devkit/Drivers at master · nodemcu/nodemcu-devkit · GitHub

After installing the drivers, While the Device Manager is open, connect your ESP8266 to your PC and check if a new COM Port pops up. Then select that COM Port on Arduino IDE and upload the code.

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