Arduino Drivers + Keyboard LED Brick?


I recently installed arduino (1.8.16) and check the option to install arduino drivers. After the software installation it asked me to install 3 drivers from "arduino LLC", etc, which bricked my keyboard LEDs (hyperx alloy elite rgb).

A lot of the LEDs from my keyboard are flickering like crazy and even after trying to retore to factory (holding 3 topleft buttons), reinstalling drivers (uninstalling using device manager), flashing old firmware (v and using NGENUITY (old version) to update the device it did not fix this issue...

Is there a way to completely remove everything that arduino installed even the drivers? I tried using REVO and WISE to fix this, but it did not work... after reinstalling arduino the drivers installation prompt do not appear again, meaning that the drivers were not removed? I don't know what else to do...

Were you running a beta of the latest software when this happened?

Also, are you certain that your KP is fully compatible with the NG 2.x software?

Correlation is not causality. Adruino's IDE is not responsible for this.

Apparently your keyboard combined with that software is prone to that issue. Even as little as a moth ago they were still trying to fix it. It happens seemingly randomly.

Most people who get the flicker return them or stick with the factory software.

I wasn't even using any NGENUITY software, just the default factory settings... but after installing arduino and the drivers I noticed the flickering and tried to fix it with NGENUITY software... the sad part is that doing the "factory reset" procedure (holding 3 topleft buttons) does not fix this problem...

Today I started the computer and the keyboard was working fine for a few minutes, then it started flickering again... maybe some windows service or process might be interfering with the LED control idk...

It's a good keyboard with a bad controller and bad software support.
Unfortunate really, given the price.

I much prefer Steel Series Apex. Much cheaper and quieter, and I've never had any issues.

As this isn't an Arduino issue I recommend that you take this issue to a forum that helps with their software or the keyboard specifically. I'd also encourage you to continue with Arduino and come back for some cool projects :smiley:

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