Arduino drivers

I have a generic Arduino board with an ATMEGA 2560 16AU 1052 processor with the layout of an Arduino Mega,106977.0.html , How do I get started and install the drivers for my generic board. I tried installing the arduino drivers but when i go to update drivers on com 1 and go into the arduino drivers folder i just get FTDI USB Drivers . My OS right now is windows 7, also if i succesfully install the drivers what type of board should I say it is when coding?

the .inf for the mega is all you need ( If the driver fails to work then try the REV3 version ). also select Arduino Mega 2560 from the boards list.

The UNO and MEGA don't need drivers ( proper ones ), the Arduino MEGA 2560.inf describes the serial port settings and like stuff.

Your clone board is not using an ATmega8u2, so you will need to install some kind of drivers. It looks like a FTDI, but I can’t really tell by that picture. If it is an FTDI, you’ll need to install the FTDI drivers.