Arduino driving led decoration


I want to drive my led strip with my arduino, I’ve bought some led strips a while ago online and now I’m looking for a way to control them with my arduino.

Right now there is a little micro controller connected to the leds, I’ve cracked it open and looked at it.

For me Its a full wave bridge rectifier with 4 diodes and a capacitor (50v10uf), a couple of resistors are also used. And then there are 4 SCR’s (I googled them) PCR406 (

Now Ive measured the voltage and it seems that every part of the led decoration uses 205V (there are resistors right before the leds). Look in the pictures below for more information :).

Thats the information I have, so I’m looking for a way to switch 205V DC, I’m planning on keeping the rectifier bridge (duh) and then a voltage devider to bring it to 205v DC, after that I would like to use some sort of transistor/relay thingy so I can control it with the Arduino.


Update: To make this a bit easier, I’ve created a multisim file that outputs 205v DC, Now I would like to switch this using my arduino in any way possible (as simple as possible), thats my question! (Thanks!)

I’ve now added the multisim file + image.

current design.ms11 (89.1 KB)