Arduino Droid


not sure where to go. i tried the arduinodroid ide for my phone. But it won't compile the code due to the following warning/error. I'm not sure how to get it to compile the code for uploading. same code i use with the desktop IDE. I get the same warning but it compiles and runs.

where can i go for help?



C:\Users**** ******\Documents\Arduino\ppcc_gate\ppcc_gate.ino:207:58: warning: invalid conversion from 'byte {aka unsigned char}' to 'MFRC522::StatusCode' [-fpermissive]


"the code" ? Warnings are just that, if it runs without errors, run it.

If the phone version is fussy about warnings, fix the warning. You need to cast the status value
to the right type:


Hopefully that'll work.