arduino drums analog inputs bleeding

hi I was finishing my drum pads with piezos today and I was hoping to have a working complete drum set… but soon i realized a bug.
after looking at my code many times I realized that it was not it’s fault and that it was not caused from my diy hardware ether .I have concluded it was the analog pins.
I tried adding delay as i saw someone suggest somewhere but it did not help. some pins are getting values from the other ones and i get for example a snare drum with a tom…
they were working fine before…I thought… what should I do now?
put resistors and potentiometers between the piezo an the analog inputs?
use some kind of capacitor somewhere?
code workaround would not work since you need to be able to read “simultaneously” different inputs for drumming

this is the circuit of every piezo to input conection . I am not using mux .arduino is arduino mega 2560


You are sure it is not a problem with the code. As you have not included any code, we have to take your word for it. If the code was included, we could see if we agrees with you.


please unlock the other thread i was just going to answer but it was locked...

this was going to be reten on the other thread: { hey thanks for you answer AverageGuy,I think i am close to a solution ,I read a post somewhere of a guy with 5 stars and a south park avatar.he said to ground one of the analog pins ,read it to discharge some capacitor ... and then read another analog input ,then the grounded one again and so on for the rest... it works! not perfect but manageable to deal with code after.I dont know if it causes delay when playing the drums yet I have not tested yet.With double readings of the grounding pin results were even better.


This is the problem you get when you post the same question in different forums.

You waste people's time trying to answer you question without knowing what has been said in the other forum.