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hi im having an issue with my pads sending multiple notes at a single time im using loopmidi>hairless midi>fl studio

hi im having an issue with my pads sending multiple notes at a single time

What does that mean?

Are you getting multiple MIDI messages with one drum hit?

Or, are you having trouble when you hit two drums at the same time?

mutiple midi messages with one hit

Sorry but without knowing what your pads are or what code is sending the MIDI messages it's difficult to help.

Multiple messages are quite often caused by not enough debouncing of the pad strikes but could be many other things.


homemade with the piezo stuck on the bottom and the same thing happens with a rockband drum controller pad

mutiple midi messages with one hit

Yes that happens with all simple implementations of this idea.

It is due to the sensor ringing, or producing a damped oscillation after it is struck.
It is not easy to fix.
Maybe the simplest way is to introduce a dead time for the sensor after you register a hit. That is once hit to not look at it again for say 30mS. You will have to experiment with the exact dead time value for your setup. It is very much like debouncing a push button or switch.

Other options are to make the pad you hit less resonant by increasing the mass, changing the material, or clamping the sensor more firmly to the pad. Maybe burying it in a sandwich of hard rubber.

Are these pads being read by an analogue or digital pin? If it is analogue you can use a variable threshold that gets set high when you get the first strike and gradually decreases with time after that.

I did a project some time ago that detected a foot stamp for a running game.
Here is the oscilloscope trace for a raw sensor, note the voltage peaks at over 35V:-

When I had clamped the voltage to the rail of the processor then it looked like this. Note the multiple triggering a short time after the initial stamp.

While these are typical results each stamp produces something different and they can be in very different:-

The video of the project can be seen here.

Another project using these sensors is here:-

These are not for the Arduino, but could be made to work by using the Processing language on a laptop, and converting the printed code from Python into the Java like language of Processing.
Back issues of the Magazine are available as a free PDF download for more details.

would a sponge work

No idea, but I doubt it is ridged enough. However you never know, give it a try.

Sorry about the link to the wrong project above. I have corrected it now.