Arduino Due 2.8" TFT touch shield v1.0 from seed studio

Does anyone know if there is a touchscreen header that works with the arduino due? The header file that is recommended for this board only works with a mega. If nothing exists is there anyway I can change the file to work with the Due?

Thanks, Jim

If the display has no chance of working on the due can anyone tell me a display that will work with the due.

I will give you the same advice I gave In another post Today.

First of all, I recommend using this shield that is compatible with the DUE. "". It is compatible with both Standard 40 pin And 32 pin Displays. Make sure you check the pin out before you purchase. It eliminates most of the compatibility problems that arise along with all the jumper wires that would be needed.

There is also a list of compatible boards that is in that Size and price range In the listing. Most of these boards are UTFT Library compatible. Check with "" For compatibility list.

The link listed above has a touchscreen Library that may work with your display. Check the compatibility page.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help I think I might just go out and buy a mega since time is a big issue here. The display I have actually plugs directly into mega or due because it has exact same pinouts but all the header files and examples that are supplied by manufacturer only work with mega. I was just hoping there was a simple way to convert files to work with due because it would make my school project a lot cheaper.