Arduino Due + 3.2" TFT + Shield V2.2 (white screen only at first startup)

Hi guys,

I interfaced Arduino due board with a tft shield V2.2 and a 3.2 " TFT display ( I tested both TFT_320QVT / TFT 320QDT_9341), using the UTFT library.

Both TFT displays are working well, I only have the problem that at the first startup the display remains white but when switching off and on the power supply , it starts correctly. The problem is systematic on multiple displays, TFT shields and TFTs .

Do you have noticed the problem and solved it?

Thanks for your kind reply.


Are you sure it is a problem with your display ?
Have you tried any program (like blink for example) without display to verify your Due starts on first startup ?

There is a batch of clone Due which have this problem.
Several solutions have been proposed in the forum dedicated to this card. I can't find the topic fro now but I'm sure your search will be succesfull

thanks I will try to search about what you say.