Arduino Due, 3.3V and the Arduino WiFi Shield

I have an Arduino R3 WiFi Shield that seems to run OK on the Arduino Due (except for bug #1589 where you can ping the board but you cannot connect to it as a WiFi Server) if I supply power via a USB connection. However, if I supply a fully regulated 3.3V supply directly to the 3.3V pin on the Arduino Due the Due board still runs but the WiFi board stops working. Therefore, I guess I will have to try providing a fully regulated supply directly on the 5V pin. Does anyone know if this will run both boards OK?

Have you checked the schematics and documentation for the Due - should be freely downloadable.

Thanks, yes I have but unfortunately the use of the Arduino WiFi Shield on the Due is not really covered. Initially the WiFi Shield did not operate on the Due and I understand that R3 is the only one that does - originally the shield was only certified for use on 5V board but this changed with R3. However, the power requirements and how it interacts with the Due power is not well documented.

Providing a fully regulated 5V DC works on my setup.


Excellent, thanks :)