Arduino Due 32.768 kHz Crystal

Hello everyone,
I want to use the RTC function on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM MCU.
My Arduino clone board came with no 32.768 kHz Crystal soldered in.
It has a pad for it.
My question is do I need to add any capacitors for the crystal and can I not use a SMT version.
Arduino Due:Link

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You


The clock crystal is not very useful as the pins for the clock power are not broken out. You have to keep the entire Due powered at all times to keep the time on the RTC module running. You can never unplug it, not even to upload a new sketch. If the power goes out, it loses the time and you have to have a way of setting the clock in your sketch, just like your bedside alarm clock.

This is why it's so rarely done. An external RTC with its own battery is normally more useful.