Arduino Due and Arduino LCD Module 1.77 inch

Hi there,

I have recently purchased the official Arduino LCD Module and connected it to my Arduino Due following Arduino’s instructions. The problem I have encountered is that the screen brightness is too low, probably because of the LCD being powered from the 3.3 volt pin (according to instructions), on the Due, instead of the usual 5 volts on other 5 volt Arduino boards such as the UNO.

I still tried to connect the LCD to the Due’s 5 volt pin (to my own risks), and although the screen brightness was increased to a more suitable level, the board started to make a high frequency noise. I of course unplugged the LCD quickly after, keeping my Due from frying.

So here is the problem: Is there a way to connect the LCD to 5 volts when connected to the Arduino Due, without damaging the latter and hearing that noise?

Please let me know of any solutions you may find. I really need better screen brightness…

Thanks in advance for your help!