arduino due and ESC

Hello, I bought an arduino leonardo and with my project (quadcopter) i cant use all of pwm pins because of the wifi shield. Im not sure if I should buy the arduino mega or due. I know that due is working on 3.3v instead of 5v. My question is, does an ESC can work under 3.3v I know its only a kind of "pulse" that the board is sending. If its must be a 5v signal then ill buy the mega but for the same price with better performance I would like to take the Due if possible. Thank you!

ESCs take servo-style signals, for which you use the Servo library (which drives upto 12 pins, any pins).

ESCs expect 5V, unless you can find a datasheet you only have experimental means of determining
if a particular ESC will handle 3.3V servo signals. Given there's lots of electronic noise around an ESC I'd recommend
not trusting to this and use a level converter to give 5V servo signals - much better noise-margin.

Yes esc's work with arduino and servo library. You can power your esc with a lipo and power the arduino through the bec.