Arduino DUE and Keyboard

I am trying to use a Arduino to send commands to a KVM switch (Aten CS1788) . I have had it work on several different computers and different OS, however within the KVM it does not send any keyboard strokes to any computer or within the KVM GUI.

I have tried to print line and press keys neither of them work. Is there something that I am missing? How does the Arduino establish the connection to a computer and how would it be different to any other device? Is there any other way to go about doing this that would work better?

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to send commands TO the KVM or THROUGH the KVM? Are you trying to send the switch-screens command (or other KVM command) or just type on the connected computer?

You might expect that the KVM will appear to the keyboard as a USB host and the keyboard talks to it, with the KVM then passing the keycodes up to the connected computer. It may or may not do that. It may be acting as a physical switch so the keyboard is talking directly to the USB on the computer, so the keyboard sees an unplug event when switching.

I'm surprised that it doesn't work but the Arduino keyboard library wasn't written with this useage in mind.

I am trying to do both. I will be using Bluetooth to connect the arduino to a pc. On the pc I will have a script that will run through a csv sheet. It will iterate through the rows and type in a username, tab, then password followed by enter. Basically log in, then it will go into the kvm console and switch to another computer.

I have gotten the arduino to pass directly through to a computer through a standard usb port on the kvm, but when I plug it into the console port on the kvm, nothing.

Do you know where the keyboard library is located maybe I can dig through it. Or, if you know, how is it inheritly different from a usb keyboard? Should I try using serial, or do you think I will run into the same problem.