Arduino Due and plug both Wifi and Ethernet shields

Hi everybody,

I up this topic because I need more than 33 IOs, a Wifi connection and a Ethernet connection. I thought to buy an Arduino Due and plug both Wifi and Ethernet shields. Are these shields compatible with Arduino Due ? Is it possible to plug both ?

Thanks in advance. Regards.


Just wondering if you had any luck plugging both wifi and ethernet at the same time...

Any news or thoughts ?


why do you want to buy both shileds?

In any case, you could buy a router which supports OpenWrt (like wr703n 20-25€) and has both interfaces. In addition,they have an USB port(you could use it for arduino connection). you could write some programm/scipt on the router, in order to listen events and handle them. you could find lot of tutorial about openwrt

why do you want to use BOTH shields?