Arduino Due and Power Meter, both VCP, how to communicate


I have a Due and a Power Meter, which has a COM Port over USB. So both devices have an VCP over USB. Is there an easy solution to let both communicate with eachother? My last solution would be to try to hang an Raspi between both as an "translator".

Thank you in advance!

The Due has 4 hardware serial ports. What baud rate is the Power Meter serial running at?

Have you determined what data protocol the power meter is using first ?

So, you can confirm the power meter has USB, which is configured as VCP, and not EIA-485 ?

Smart people provide links to specific software and hardware to avoid others guessing, right ?

My last solution would be to try to hang an Raspi between both as an “translator”.

Yes, using anything RPi would be my last solution with anything too, you got that right. :slight_smile:

Paul - VK7KPA


I think the Baudrate is variabel. The device isnt deliverd until now. It has an USB Port which you can connect to a PC as Virtual Com Port. It is the Rohde-Schwarz 8015.

Yes , the Due has 4 serial Ports. 1 is sending Data to a PC for Excel, another one is comunicating with an older Power Meter, the Hameg 8115-2, which provides a “real” serial hardware connection.

I think at first I will try to communicate with a windows PC to it, to see how it will behave. After that I will try to link Arduino and the 8015 with the tool Com0Com over the same PC. (Is there a similar tool for Raspbian ?)

Thank you for your Answers!