ARDUINO DUE and Simulink Change Resolution and PWM Frequency

Hello, i use for many projects an Arduino BOARD.

Currently, i use the ARDUINO DUE with Simulink.

My Question to you as Arduino- Profis :) :

Please, i search for a long time, but find an answer.

How can i change the PWM Frequency from Simulink ?

With my Arduino Mega, when i use the INITIALIZE Function in Simulink and write this :

TCCR2B = TCCR2B & 0b11111000

I change my PWM-Frequence to 32kHz, but how is the code for the Arduino DUE?

And how can i change the PWM Resolution from Simulink to ?

Does it know someone ?

Try the "pwm01.h" library:

Thanks for your answer, but this libary is for the Arduino IDE, how can i implement this in SImulink?

No, it's for any C++ compiler.

If Simulink isn't compiling C code, then you will have to look at the functions in the library file and copy what it is doing.