Arduino Due and the Arduino TFT Display libary

Hey Guys,
I've got the Arduino Due with the Arduino TFT Display. Also I have downloaded the newest Version of the IDE(1.5.2) for Linux(Ubuntu 12.04) and want to run the TFT by using the TFT libary. But this libary doesn't coming with the IDE. Ok, I thought, and downloaded the full arduino-IDE-Project from Github to get the TFT library. So adding this Library at the IDE, but it didn't works, because it doesn't know the pgmspace.h... So I copied the the TFT-Library into the Librarys-Folder of the IDE, but it also doesn't works...
So my question is: How can I use this Library without copy all the Libraries, which are used by the TFT-library, into the TFT-Library Folder? Or do you know an easy way to use the TFT with the Arduino Due?
Thanks you for your help and best regards from Germany

alternatively it will help me, if somebody, who use this TFT with the Libary, talk to me how it works with him/her...! Thank you

If it's looking for that file I think it must have been written for the AVR processors and not the SAM as is on the Due. Maybe this lib hasn't been ported across yet.


I don't know, but there is some instroduction how to connect the TFT with the Due and so, I think it must implemented. But the libary is a C++ Header File and so on, it shouldn't been making a difference, because the ARM Compiler must do this work! Or is the connection between IDE and Due with the help of the AVR Compiler?

OK another question^^:
Is there anybody who works with 1.5.2 and the TFT-Library and its works?
(Espesially with the Due?)

OK another question:
Does anybody working with the Arduino TFT and the Due with the 1.5.2 IDE?

Can be closed, I’ve downloaded the lastes nightly-build Version and its work