Arduino Due and VirtualWire in RF433 communication

Is there someone that have a positive experience with Rf433 and VirtualWire on Arduino Due? I lost a lot af time and I am very frustrating. Please post details about a working project:

  • rf433 modules (tx and rx)
  • Arduino Ide (the only I can use is the 1.5.2 one, the only compatible with arduino due)
  • VirtualWire library (I used the 1.15)
  • a simple example rx and tx sides
    I tried to compile the examples but a lot of error came out.

Thanks a lot

Please don't post the same thing in multiple places (i.e. crosspost).
Everything gets read eventually, have a little patience.


You are right, I am sorry but after I read that there is a specific forum about Arduino Due and so I post here. From your reply I expect that are the same.

No problem.