Arduino Due and Vizic SmartGPU 320x240 LCD. Problem on Upload


I am trying to use a Vizic SmartGPU with an Arduino Due.

We are running one of there demo projects… (lines.ino)… however when it is processing the smartgpu.cpp file (accompanies smartgpu.h in the libraries), we get an error message that avr/interrupt.h is not found.

Has anyone been able to get the SmartGPU shield working with the Arduino Due? Did you rewrite the smartgpu.cpp and smartgpu.h files? Difference in 32bit vs 16bit int sizes will cause problems as well perhaps?

So, I guess we need a new set of libraries from Vizic so that it works with Due… as it is not an AVR based. I fired them off an email to see if they are working on it.

Have a look in the code, the GPU is most probably using that file to turn on/off interrupts, if so that is an easy fix. Although the screen may use interrupts ( couldn't download source, their website isn't chrome compatible, or there is a lot of stuff missing ).

int types can be changed in code to their constant sized equivalents, I.e.
uint8_t = 'unsigned char'
int16_t = 'signed int'

Or you could create some typedef's that you can replace some types with and then if you need to change, only the typedef needs fixing.

Post the .h and .cpp if you can't manage to fix it. I'm not Due savvy, but I can help you remove the AVR stuff which you can go find replacements for.

Thanks so much for your response..... I am working on the problem as well, but I thought I'd post the source code for the Vizic libraries (as well as a small example) so that you can have a look.

Here is the code for SMARTGPU.cpp...

Here is the code for SMARTGPU.h...

Here is the sample sketch: lines.ino

I'm working on it as well. I'm completely new to Arduino.. (I suspect I will need to follow similar mods with the SMARTWAV product as well). If I stumble too long, then I'll get a 4X20LCD and use the libraries that many you have already adapted to the DUE.