Arduino Due + Android 2.3.7 (Huawei Ideos X3) = Little Robot?

Hi there,

I know there are several pages, showing what is possible with Arduiono+Android, still I have some issues for which I couldn't find any solution in the net.

First of all, I have just little knowledge about µCs but instead I am not a too bad Android-Programmer. Recently I bought this very cheap Android device (Ideos X3 aka. u8510) and flashed a CM7 Rom on it with Kernel-Version 2.6.35, from which I hope is capable to switch to ADK mode. As it comes with many sensors (accel, light, magnet, camera) and interfaces (wifi, bluetooth, usb), I thought it would be the perfect "heart and brain" for a little robot.

But in order to make it move, I need something to control the servo motors. As an appropriate Board I considered the Arduino Due (which I didn't buy so far), just because it is cheaper than i.e. the Mega ADK and seems to have more features(?).

So basically what I would still need is some kind of shopping list, containing all needed parts to get started (maybe also a good place to order from Germany would be nice as well :) ) I assume I need the following:

I would really appreciate any help here! Thank in advance :)