Arduino Due board bringing up

Hi everyone

I am new to this forum and this is going to be my first experience with the arduino boards.

Actually I want to develop my own Arduino Due Development Board and for that I managed to get the bundle of
5 PCBs from a local manufacturer over here.

I also arranged the parts of the BOM for this Board which I created from the eagle.

Now what I have the last thing to do is to make the controllers on the board both the ARM cortex and the Atmega 16 chip program the bootloader.

I want to know is there a provision on the board to program the board or I have to separately program the controller and than mount them on the board.

Please provide me a brief overview of its software part.


Piyush Pandey

It looks to me like “ICSP1” is for programming the 16u2, and “JTAG” probably works for programming the ARM.
the ARM chip also contains a ROM bootloader (from Atmel; not an arduino component) capable of loading code from either USB or UART.