Arduino Due - bossac.exe error

Well, as this is the thread where error codes are mentioned, here it goes...

I'm trying the LED blink program on an Arduino Due. To the best of my (very limited) knowledge I did all the necessary things to switch over from Mega2560 to Due. I can choose the board in the tools dropdown menu. I have also 3 'ports' to choose from, serial ports, Com3 and Com8. However, in every case after uploading I get the following red lines:

bossac.exe: extra arguments found Try 'bossac.exe -h' or 'bossac.exe --help' for more information

As I did not change anything on the LED blink program, and have no clue where I could find bossac.exe--help, I'm a bit lost...

Sorry for also not finding the correct ways to insert messages here.

Regards, Hans

Which Sam core version have you uploaded ?

See this thread :

Thanks ard, Sam isn't something I'm aware of (newbie also...), but when I discarded the Ide 1.6something and installed the newest version 1.8,1, the bossac error disappeared. However, I get now a verify error - see my other post. I suspect my Due is defective.

Regards, Hans