Arduino DUE+ BTS7960

Hello, no one connected the dc bridge BTS7960 with ARDUIN DUE? He could draw me a circuit diagram. BTS7960 works reliably with arduino mega, Uno too. the problem is that the due- pins output is only 9mA !!!!! .I think I'll put a transistor there like switch BC 337. Pin L-EN, R-EN-5V.

I use the BTS7960 a lot but they are 5V devices and the DUE has 3.3V outputs. Use a level converter and it should work fine.

Finally I connected R-EN with L-EN, connected 2,6V 1, it goes. And come on, I don't know yet how it will be from the brake.

L-EN 5V and R-PWM-does not work and neither R-EN 5V and L-PWM can work. I can do it. I don't know how it will be with the brake. I build automatics for honey thrower - honey extraction. I'm a beekeeper. bye

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