Arduino Due BUG Issue.


I need help with Arduino Due board.
When I turn on the Arduino Due board, it turn on all outputs ( I know that because have LEDs conecteds ).
But if I turn off and already turn on, the board run normally.

help me please.


What sketch do you have loaded ?

My sketch is long, and have a lot of libries, but the “Omne” is the principal, and “basicIO” controls the
inputs and outputs.

I have attached my archieves.

Thanks for reply.

ambienteUc.h (1.04 KB)

axisFloat.cpp (10 KB)

axisFloat.h (1.79 KB)

basicIO.cpp (5.76 KB)

basicIO.h (473 Bytes)

basicIOConfig.h (841 Bytes)

OmneConfig.h (13.6 KB)

OmneMacros.h (255 Bytes)

piscaLed.cpp (523 Bytes)

piscaLed.h (586 Bytes)

SerialNexUc.cpp (11 KB)

SerialNexUc.h (883 Bytes)

SerialNexUcConfig.h (698 Bytes)

teste_programa_rs485.ino (269 KB)



I hadnt thought this! I will try it and report then.

Thank you.