Arduino Due: Changing PWM frequency

I have been googleing this topic and have not found an answer. Always only parts. My problem is I need to change the PWM from 500Hz to abouth 32KHz as well as the resolution(but I think I got this one). My problem is I already designed a shield and have to use Pins D8, D9, D10, D11. So my question is the following:
What timer do I need to change for the PWM on pins 8, 9,10 and 11?

Please any help would be very appreciated.

i came across this video the other day, I don't understand it (I was after controlling pmw not changing the frequency) but it might just be the bundle of joy you're after! It is all explained in the video bellow

please don't ask me for help because I'm honestly a noob, just started using arduino :slight_smile:

Thanks but that doesn't help me as I need it to work on the due...
The Due is very different to most Arduinos and has very little info but thanks for the fast reply

Can someone confirm this for me?
I think I solved for pin 8 and 9 by using:

PWMC_ConfigureClocks(32000* PWM_MAX_DUTY_CYCLE , 0, VARIANT_MCK);
PWMC_SetDutyCycle(PWM_INTERFACE, PWM_CH4, SET_PWM);//For pin 9

But how do I set the PWM for pins 10 and 11??

perhaps this one could help?

it is the first example on how he changed the frequency, since it isn't reliant on a library as such i guess you might have more luck?

Thanks but this also doesn't help me :frowning: