Arduino DUE CNC...can it be done?

Hi all,

Had a brief look through the forum, but have yet to see someone state clearly if and how a new Arduino Due board can be used for a cnc project, I am pretty sure that GRBL doesn't support the due, only the UNO and mega (ie 328 boards). any ideas or even a point in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

PS the reason i am asking is that I have the opportunity to buy either of the boards at my university at a very small price difference but don't want to dish out on both the due and mega, but it seems silly to go for a dated board rather than the newer unit, however I am building a desktop cnc so need to use GRBL or similar.

I'd suggest that you use the cheapest hardware that will handle the job - the UNO for preference, so that you're not so much out of pocket if you have any accidents. The Mega is clearly capable of running CNC type equipment - see the reprap project, but the GRBL commentary suggests that the UNO can do so too.

WIth the Due, you've also got the (minor) issue of 3.3V, so any examples you come across may be using motor drivers and the like that are not directly compatible.

All in all, you will have plenty of challenges building your project; personally, I'd keep to what's been done many many times over as far as the controller hardware is concerned - I don't see any massive advantage that the Due will bring.