Arduino Due compability

Hi there,

I know about the conflict & judical battle between and and as far as I could gather and understand the information out in the web around this dispute, I go with and would like to support them through bying their hardware.

But as I live in Germany, unfortunately I could no buy an "orginal" Arduino Due (as there is no Genuino Due) and no Genuio Zero as none of the Distributor I buy from have them listed. So I was forced to buy an manufactured Arduino Due and Arduino M0 Pro … as I have to do some evalution with 32-bit Atmel chips.

To make my Arduino M0 Pro ready to use with the Softare I already found the relevant information (see Using the Arduino M0 with the IDE and core. | PeterVH which also links to a forums post regarding the differences in hardware).

But I am still curious about the Arduino Due! Is there any difference in Hardware (that came with what ever Revision) between the manufaturces Due and the manufactured Due - for the one if have, on the backside it states : Board Model = Due R3-E.

If I take a look at the Arduino Due (Arduino Due - assembled [Due] : ID 1076 : $49.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits) that is sold at Adafruit, which is as far as I know one of the new manufactures for boards in the USA, and you look at the picture of the backside of the Due you see : Model R3, but also "made in Italy" so its from the Arduino SLR based!

The question : is there any difference in hardware or the software, Arduino Core and built-in libraries or the bootloader (which makes e.g. the Arduino M0 pro incompatible for the IDE's , but which is easy to be solved like mentioned in the linked blog post above) which I have to be aware of?
I want to use the Arduino Due (manufatured by Ardunio SLR, from within the Arduino IDE of and want to find out if there any restrictions or problems I should take care of.

cheers buildiy

P.S.: by the way I could already buy an Genuino Micro here in Germany and they also offer the Genuino Uno and 101. And regarding the Arduino Micro - it's really great to have this ATmega32U4 based Leonardo replacement at my hands … all basic features in a small formfactor for small price - well done !!! … I call it the "breadboard magician" :wink: