Arduino due - couldnt upload sketch through USB programming port.

I could upload sketches through programming port, it stopped responding(error shows that no device is connected). Now I have another way i.e Native Port. I have tried all options available in IDE. is there anything that I need to follow to get my programming port back to work.

Thanks, CHandra M


when you plug the USB cable on the programming port, it shows up the corresponding COM port? Do you remember what you did the last time just before it stopped working?

some other users experienced similar issues, but we are still unable to reproduce it.

try press ERASE button for few seconds and then RESET button, and then star uploading your sketch

I tried all possible ways like ERASE and so on. Still I couldnt make use of programming port. I clearly remember the steps I did last time it worked through programming port. but couldnt really make it work as before.

Thanks, Chandra M

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