Arduino Due Counting Number of Cycles from Assembly Code

Hello all,

I am interested in knowing the number of clock cycles a certain part of my code takes, but I was unable to accurately calculate the number of cycles using the info on the ARM instruction set for the Cortex M3 processors located on their site M3 Instruction Set.

The code I am interested in counting the cycles for is below

   80178:	6801         ldr	r1, [r0, #0]
   8017a:	4219         tst	r1, r3
   8017c:	6011      	str	r1, [r2, #0]
   8017e:	bf0c      	ite	eq
   80180:	f04f 0e00 	moveq.w	lr, #0
   80184:	f04f 0e40 	movne.w	lr, #64	; 0x40

The code I am writing is very time sensitive so I need to know exactly the number of clock cycles it takes to execute. Any advice on how to go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.