Arduino DUE electrical issues

Hello all,

I just got an arduino DUE clone and after connecting a rotary encoder and running a simple sketch, I saw that there is a lot of noise whenever I touch the encoder, kind of like there is no ground. Board is connected via usb to computer, tried different computers, different sketches, also tried same encoder with different boards(both genuine and clones) but the due is the only one that has this issue.

Here’s a video demonstrating the issue:

Any ideas?

Lots of noise on almost all clones is a known issue dating back quite some time.

Also depending on they exact type of encoder you may need to use a library that has a good debounce feature.
There are a few around so you are not limited in choice in that area.

If you do a SEARCH for "electrical noise on arduino pin" you will see how common this is and some of the many fixes offered.

A simple test is you also have a REAL DUE is to to run the serial plotted on an analog pin that has nothing connected to it and do the same on your clone.
The difference is quite obvious and due in many cases to the inferior parts used in clones.