Arduino DUE + Encoder + PID Library

Hi all, Ok i have successfully gotten the Hardware Encoder working, so i am reading the encoder of my machine. The next step is to get a PID Control Loop working. When i was using my Arduino mega i have used the PID Library. i saw on thread) that it works?

can i use PWM with the hardware Encoder Function? or will the timers be messed up?

Also the DUE can have finer resolution than the mega so instead of having the limits be -255,+255 i could have -4096,+4096? that would be nice.

The end of this step would be to have the ability to send a setpoint over serial, have the Due get there as quickly as possibly with a little over shoot as possible. The machine in question is currently a 2 axis 36" dia. table, each axis has 1000count encoders on a linear shaft with 48v pancake motors driving them.

hi, can you please share your hardware encoder code? Thanks & regards, Sourav