Arduino due for camera project

Hello. I'm beginner in embedded system and trying to interface camera module to some MCU. The camera has 5MP resolution and I would need raw data, bayer-raw or RGB565. But I wonder if it is okay to use Arduino Due which has 84Mhz. I just assumed here that 8 bit arduino would not be enough to take and send the image data. But I have no idea how to evaluation this capability by calculation. Could anyone please give me an idea?

I have STM32 but I would prefer to use arduino ARM board, because of its IDE. For me who is not major in electric engineering it seems better.

The main limiting factor is the RAM size - approximately 100k - you need for processing the raw image.
I am looking for “motion detector” and crude comparing of “regular” ( 320*260) RGB bitmaps is already a challenge for the RAM. The comparison window MUST be much smaller and than the coding fun begins.

Than it depends what are you going to process and how often you need to update it ( frames).
The processor speed and 32 bits data MAY be adequate.

Of course if your frame rate is low or just single shot you can always swap the blocks of data from some other off board memory. Due has DMA ability so transfer speed should not be much of an issue.