Arduino Due Hates Me; Just Blinks and Hides from Win10 and Device Manager

So I recently bought a bunch of Arduino boards, one being a Due. I am pretty positive it is a legitimate Due and not a clone, but I could be wrong. It really wasn't cheap though.


I'm having a problem and it's driving me bonkers.

Basically I have installed Arduino 1.8.1 over and over, as well as the Due board library over and over. And ALL of my other boards are recognized when plugged in and they all work great.

But I plug in the Due via the Prog Port, and the PWR and L LEDs light up and stay lit, yet Win10 doesn't recognize it or show it in Dev Manager, and it doesn't show up on a COM port in Win10 or Arduino.

I then push the RESET button on the Due. The PWR LED stays solid, but now the L LED begins to flash rapidly and doesn't stop. Yet STILL it doesn't show in Dev Manager, nor does it show up on a COM port in Win10 or Arduino.

I have tried every single USB port. Same thing.

Please help. I REALLY want to play with this thing and it wasn't cheap.

I'm really sad... please help! :(

Is your USB cable a FULL usb or just a power usb There are two types and one of them will not show up no matter how hard you try.