Arduino DUE I2C and Interrupts

Is the Arduino wire i2c affected by interrupts?

If I have

Wire1.beginTransmission(displayAddress); // device address is specified in datasheet
Wire1.write(StartAddress); // Eneter LED
Wire1.write(DigitBuffer,15); // Send Configuation
Wire1.endTransmission(); // stop transmitting

and it works until I attach interrupts to an encoder and spin the encoder.
I am thinking the interrupts are affecting the communication.
is there something else I should be doing?
Can I block the interrupts during my transmit?


So I was able to figure out it was Electric Interference off the switch mode power supply that was messing up the I2C.
I am still wondering how the I2C works when it transmits.
Is it affected by interrupts or is the transmission of the I2C done in the background?

If an I2C transmission could be interrupted to a negative affect I would think the Library would disable interrupts to try and solve it.


See this thred, reply #1: