Arduino DUE I2C DS1844 digital potentiometer

Hi, I need to use multiple digital potentiometer DS1844 with Arduino Due on I2C, but I can't get to work even one (on Due, fine on Uno). With I2C scanner I can found the device with Due but when I use library it just not work - serial monitor has no output. I tried everything on Arduino Uno where it works fine, so there must be problem on Due side. I use logic converter on I2C and pin 20 and 21 on Due. For testing I use example code included in library, and yes I changed address of device to right one. Is there somebody who can help me solve this?


Although the library work on other 8 bit arduino board. I have similar problem using Arduino DUE board with digital port DS1803 with DS1803 library found on internet. (No output with serial monitor.) And find out remark "Wire.begin();" in cpp file , and insert "Wire.begin();" to setup portion in sketch will make the library work. Actually ,I do not know the best way to modify the library. But it works! remarked "DS1844::DS1844(int address) { //Wire.begin();" in cpp file