Arduino Due input _pullup

Hi, In which pins there is the possibility of internal pull-up? I know the Arduino Due operates on 3.3v, when I use internal pull up, וt will fit that? I want to build a simple project that contains a switch, and I will be able to detect the presses without external pull up resistors, is that possible with Arduino Due? Thanks

Sam3x datasheet, page 622: 31.5.1 Pull-up Resistor Control Each I/O line is designed with an embedded pull-up resistor. The pull-up resistor can be enabled or disabled by writing respectively PIO_PUER (Pull-up Enable Register) and PIO_PUDR (Pull-up Disable Resistor). Writing in these registers results in setting or clearing the corresponding bit in PIO_PUSR (Pull-up Status Register). Reading a 1 in PIO_PUSR means the pull-up is disabled and reading a 0 means the pull-up is enabled. Control of the pull-up resistor is possible regardless of the configuration of the I/O line. After reset, all of the pull-ups are enabled, i.e. PIO_PUSR resets at the value 0x0.