Arduino Due Installation...


Been working on GPS application software with an UNO, but needed 7 decimal places of floating point precision. IDE version is 1.8.9. So I bought a DUE, since it supports double precision floating point.

I'm using a Dell Inspiron laptop, so it's basically a single user PC, Running Windows 10. My user account has administrator privileges - local account.

I logged on, as normal, using my user account and tried to install the DUE board using the board manager. Got an error message saying couldn't find After a little sleuthing, I enabled the Administrator account and was able to load the DUE board using the board manager tool.

So, I logged back into my user account and DUE board was not visible in IDE. The only way I can see DUE in the IDE is to log into the Administrator account. Not at all convenient since all of my libraries and application programs are tied to my user account. (...\documents\Arduino...)

Question is: Why can I not see the DUE board software from my user account ? Is there an easy way to fix it.