Arduino Due Master Programming

did you got the exact data in the scope. I mean HIGH and LOW of Equivalent hexadecimal data in binary format. Have you connected MOSI line to the scope??

Remember I do not have the evaluation board only the Due. I did the test a little while ago. I am certain the signal looked exactly like the datasheet pictures. I monitored MOSI and the SPI clock. But I only send the data and simulated the receive by looping the signal back. Ultimately only you can measure what happens in your system.
You need to figure out whether LMX2595 sends bits back on MISO. This would tell you that the chip receives data on MOSI and the SPI clock is working.
You could use another I/O pin as cheap logic analyzer. Set a pin as input with interrupt, connect MISO and simply increment a variable. Then print that variable to the Serial Monitor in loop, not in the interrupt handler. Set the SPI clock very low to allow time for the interrupt handler between bits.

Hey that I got it and one last thing I forgot of saying is that there is one register I mean R0 in which by setting the 3rd bit of I mean D2 bit to one it will configure to readback mode. I am planning to interface the controller and run the above code once.