Arduino Due/Mega/Uno to triger Olympus E450

I'm thinking about using my Olympus E450 DSLR camera in concert with Arduino Due/Mega/Uno to test some thoughts about a 3D Scanner project. Any one have experience with remote controlling one of these cameras, or other members of this range of cameras?

mick in glen innes

Here is one of many articles on the subject of photogrammetry:
Build a DIY Desktop 3d Scanner With Infinite Resolution. : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Thanks for the link, I have already read it. Was hoping to find information info specific to Olympus E series cameras and remote controllers and/or Ardiunos.

mick in glen innes

Can you use any type of remote with that camera?

This remote

will run the camera, presumably.

Get one, reverse engineer the IR signal and you are done.


Get one, crack it open and hijack it so the buttons can be "pressed" electronically on signal from the Arduino.

Assuming the camera doesn't have a Jack for a wired button.


I'm trying to get the information out of the Australian agents for
Olympus but it's like getting 1805 Para port out of a park drinking


You need to figure out how to remote trigger the camera. Then the rest can be found in the article and a bit of programming help here.
Try a camera forum for help with the camera specifics

Olympus lists a wireless remote (RM-1) and corded one (RM-UC1) i'm hoping they will be able to supply them. Not sure how the corded remote attaches maybe through the usb data transfer socket.

I'll try to find a local supplier, everything I have priced on amazon is almost as expensive as flying australia-US return.
thanks for the link.
Just got 2 genuine olympus from Aussie seller on fleabay $90 cheaper than the universal from amazon

Sry I didn't notice the item I linked is unavailble.


looks like it does go into the USB port on the camera. There is no telling what goes on in the remote, so no telling what it would take to make your own, but again the thing could be cracked and hacked.

The "

Those "2 genuine olympus from Aussie seller" - are they IR wireless?


yes, wireless, the camera is IR sensor going by the manual. $AU5.54 each with free 7 day delivery or an extra $AU15.34 for 6 working days "express" delivery.
got one to open up & break, one to leave alone
mick in glen innes

Perfect. Keep us, erm, posted.


will do. This is just the prelude, the final goal will have either OV7670 or OV2460 (??2640) cameras and output to photogrammetry program on linux desktop

mick in glen innes
(wonder if I have too much time on my hands?)

Apparently, camera IR remotes use the same IR hardware as TV IR remotes. Take a look for Arduino IR remote for more details. Or you may be able to skip capturing IR codes by using the following lib.
The lib supports IR remotes Olympus, Canon, etc.