Arduino Due - Micro USB Connector HELP

Hey I am a newbie here. :slight_smile: :)… I was checking out the due schematic. There are 2 USB connectors, 1 for the programming port(USB B) and the other is USB AB. There are many pins such as SH1,SH2…etc then G1,G2…etc which has been grounded. why have they drawn them in such a way??? is there any significance for them… I also noted that both the connectors have different ways of connections…

I have attached the pictures of both the connectors so that my problem could be understood if my explanation sucks… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

New Picture (7).jpg

New Picture (6).jpg

Can someone help pleaseee..
am realy bogged down with it..

SH1-4 is the physical (shielding) mounting pins for the USB connector. Why the others? Beats me. I have designed with all kind of connectors in my HW designing career and haven't seen this before myself. P$x attribute for something? I'm not familiar with EAGLE. Only used Mentor Graphics tools. I wouldn't worry about it quite frankly.

Edit: Might be tab/bump contacts at the bottom of the connector where the gnd fill is underneath.


Thanx Greghol..